The Best Cities to Get Nursing Jobs

In these hard economic times, selecting a place to live is always based more on the market of the job and less on the character or beauty of a city. Even for those in the ever-needed healthcare sector, finding decent employment can really be incredibly difficult, and the idea of relocating to a new place for better work is beginning to look like an excellent idea.

When looking for a great city, you have to take many factors into account. What’s the average pay rate? Is there a high rate of unemployment? How costly will it be to live there comfortably? Is the traffic manageable or soul-killing? Do they have many take-out restaurants? Now putting together all these various necessities for the unique place to live, yielded some attractive locations for nursing hopefuls.

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The Best cities for nurses to find great nursing jobs are in the deep south of Texas. Fortunately, Austin is among the coolest cities in the US and unique to the remaining state. It has been revealed that Austin will get the highest projected job expansion or growth in the next few years from now and the two largest employers in town, the University of Texas, and the state government are looking at adding some thousand jobs in the next year. Also, has an effortless commute of fewer than 32 minutes to almost anywhere within the city, and the best music scene in the nation and nurses will be flocking to Texas.

Interestingly enough, San Antonio, another city in Texas is second on the list. The attraction of this city, other than it being another excellent college town as well as very close to Austin, is the cost of living vs. salary ratio. It got one of the highest in the nation.

If the south isn’t your cup of tea, then try Salt Lake City, UT. This great city gives some of the best conditions of employment around and the least traffic congestion as well. With a growing economy as well as the biggest industrial banking center, jobs here are on the increase, and the pay is not too bad either.

If hot weather country is just what you can’t handle, then you can try Seattle, Washington. With various corporate headquarters available here — Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks– there are often a plethora of jobs available. The cost of living in such an innovative and booming mecca is a bit on the high side. However, that is what you will endure for being in an area of endless intellectual coffee stores and appealing natural beauty.

Now, the funny thing is, it’s the state of California that gives the highest paying jobs for nurses. Choosing to live in Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, Napa or Salinas will pull you in a paycheck of upward of $98,000 annually. The drawback is that California is among the most costly places to live. But if you can cope with the money balance, also you get the beach and excellent weather. The question is not only about the best cities for nurses, but where do you want to live?